Exploring Windows 10: Action Center

At this point we’re all used to a central notifications on our mobile devices which makes complete sense given the format.

That feature has made its way to Windows 10 accessible via:

  • a little system tray icon that looks like a ‘chat’ bubble


  • WINDOWS Logo Key + A


The Action Center -a translucent bar which slides out from the right of the screen – will slow you notifications from various applications from Settings, Windows Store to Xbox, allowing you to take action if need be.


At the bottom of Action Center are several shortcuts to useful features such as:

  • Toggle Features/Modes – Tablet Mode, Rotation Lock, Bluetooth, Quiet Hours, Battery Saver, Location, Airplane Mode
  • Launch – OneNote, Settings
  • Settings – Quick access to Settings
  • Connect – Connect to Bluetooth devices
  • Project – Connect to a projector or wireless display
  • VPN – Manage or connect to a VPN connection
  • Adjust Brightness
  • And more!

It’s a pretty simple feature that provides some useful functionality, especially on a laptop or tablet.

Thanks again for reading and Good Providence to you!

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