Lenovo BIOS Manipulation: Getting Pretty Data

I touched on this subject previously as I worked through a strategy to reconfigure our Lenovo machines from Legacy BIOS to UEFI.

Lenovo has different engineering teams for the various hardware they have and they’ve all taken different approaches to how they expose and allow you to manipulate the BIOS via WMI.  I really like what the ThinkCentre team did with the M900:  Not only do they allow you to view and set various BIOS options but they also let you see what the valid values are for said options!  It’s a thing of beauty and a stroke of genius.

I hope one day Lenovo gets the various teams together to take the best of the best and normalize the BIOS across the board.


I wrote a small PowerShell script to query the BIOS and display it in a manner I hope anyone will appreciate.  Although it works on ThinkPads, it really shines when executed from a recent ThinkCenter, like an M900, as it will also display the valid values for said BIOS option.

$tmpBIOSSetting = @()
$BIOSSetting = @()
gwmi -class Lenovo_BiosSetting -namespace root\wmi | % { if ($_.CurrentSetting -ne "") { $tmpBIOSSetting += $_.CurrentSetting } } 
Foreach($tmpBIOSSetting in $tmpBIOSSetting)
        [string]$Setting = $tmpBIOSSetting.SubString(0,$($tmpBIOSSetting.IndexOf(',')))
        if($tmpBIOSSetting.IndexOf(';') -gt 0) { [string]$CurrentValue = $tmpBIOSSetting.SubString($($tmpBIOSSetting.IndexOf(',')+1),$tmpBIOSSetting.IndexOf(';')-$($tmpBIOSSetting.IndexOf(',')+1)) }
        else { [string]$CurrentValue = $tmpBIOSSetting.SubString($($tmpBIOSSetting.IndexOf(',')+1)) }

        if($tmpBIOSSetting.IndexOf(';') -gt 0) { [string]$OptionalValue = $tmpBIOSSetting.SubString($($tmpBIOSSetting.IndexOf(';')+1)) } 
        Else { [string]$OptionalValue = 'N/A' } 
        [string]$OptionalValue = $OptionalValue.Replace('[','').Replace(']','').Replace('Optional:','').Replace('Excluded from boot order:','')

        $BIOSSetting += [pscustomobject]@{Setting=$Setting;CurrentValue=$CurrentValue;OptionalValue=$OptionalValue;}
        Remove-Variable Setting,Currentvalue,OptionalValue 

$BIOSSetting = $BIOSSetting | Sort-Object -Property Setting

Reminder: This just displays the data and doesn’t actually set anything.  Stay tuned for a future post on that subject.


Good Providence!

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