I don’t know how I got into IT; it sort of just happened…

I remember getting access to the World Wide Web via Netcom and being excitedly curious about it.  I eventually found my way to a place called IRC and stayed up all hours of the night chatting with, well, strangers.  It was wonderful!  I slowly moved away from Windows by embarking on a journey with FreeBSD 3 that ultimately led to creating simple network at home with a 100 MHz Pentium (overclocked to 133 MHz – YEAH!) as the official Internet gateway for the household.  Every weekend I’d get together with my boys to game (Quake, Doom, WarCraft, Star Craft) and take on another project: Build a firewall, Build a web server, Learn PHP, Build a MySQL server and learn MySQL, try RedHat, try Slackware, try Solaris.
*sigh* Fun, fun times.

Since the late 90’s, the IT community has grown larger and larger year after year.  There were some really exceptional people out there back then, but they were either known but hard to reach or unknown and thus impossible to reach.  With the explosive growth and accessibility of the Internet, the distance between IT Pros has shrunk exponentially and continues to do so daily.  Today, you can find just about everything you need, including access to world renown specialists, in a couple of quick searches and a Twitter account.

Although I’ve only been in IT for all but a little while now, I feel I have – and still continue – to see my fair share of action.  And the two key things that come back time and time again:

  • The oft mistreatment of those who just don’t know by those who do (or claim they do)
  • The lack of complete information on various topics

Although I’m just one person running this one tiny blog, I’m hoping to do my best to not contribute to the above in this particularly small corner of the Internet.


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