If you’re only following me, God bless you, but you seriously need to widen your scope and, like me, get schooled by some specialists, some of which are world renown.

First, free training from Microsoft:

Second, training elsewhere:

Third, I urge you to consider setting up a lab environment:

Last but certainly not least, below are links to some incredibly important and useful sites mostly run by Microsoft Employees, Microsoft MVPs and well known contributors in the community.  Not only do I encourage you to frequent the pages, but you should also follow them via Twitter and follow the people they’re following.

Also – shameless self promotion – I help manage the Windows 10 Deployment group in LinkedIn, a group created with the hopes of interfacing with a larger audience on all things Windows 10.  You might consider popping in very now and then to see what’s going on.

Please note this is a living list and the sites are NOT listed in any particular order; I just keep appending to the list as discover more resources.  If you know of any others, please let me know so I can add to the list – sharing is caring!

Deployment Research Deployment Bunny
Michael Niehaus’ TechNet Blog The Official Configuration Manager Support Team Blog
Microsoft Deployment Toolkit Team Blog ConfigMgr Blog
ConfigMgr FTW! Hey, Scripting Guy!
Windows for IT Pros Windows PowerShell Blog
The Lonely Administrator MS IT Pro Blog Niall Brady
Eskonr Koneti SCConfigMgr
CCMEXEC by Jörgen Nilsson GaryTown
Working Hard in IT Mike Terrill
The SCCM Ami Casto

Good Providence To You!