Exploring Windows 10: Window Management Part 3

This is Part 3 of my tiny series on Window Management in Windows 10.  While you’re welcome to review the previous parts, its not a prerequisite to follow along.

Part 1

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For decades now, ALT + TAB has been the tried and true window switcher, and like many other familiar features in Windows 10, it’s still here in Windows 10 but has learned a few new tricks.

  • Press ALT + TAB together once but release TAB while continuing to hold ALT to see all the windows open and get a live view of the open windows.  So if you’re watching a YouTube video, you’ll see it playing there in the ALT + TAB window.


  • You can switch to the window using the keyboard:
    • While still holding ALT, press TAB to cycle forward.  Release ALT to ‘select’ that window.
    • While still holding ALT, hold SHIFT and press TAB to cycle backwards.  Release ALT to ‘select’ that window.
  • You can also switch to a window via the mouse:
    • While still holding ALT, use your mouse to select the window of your choice.
  • You can also close windows via the mouse:
    • While still holding ALT, when you hover over the window a small X will appear which you can click to close the window.
    • If you keep holding ALT after closing the window, the ALT + TAB menu will remain on screen to either close more windows or switch to the application in question.

Some very nice updates.


Pushing this key combination once will give you a live tiled view of all the open windows.  You can switch to a window via arrow keys or mouse or even close the window from there.


Interesting tidbits related this feature:

  • This key combination was first introduced in Windows Vista as ‘Windows Flip 3D’, was accessible via both the ‘Switch Between Windows’ button on the taskbar or via CTRL + WINDOWS Logo Key + TAB that.
    It would show you the open windows in a rolodex-style animation.
  • In Windows 7 the feature remained but was renamed to ‘Aero Flip 3D’, and although the taskbar icon was removed (but could still be found if you looked hard enough!) it was accessible via two keyboard shortcuts:
    • CTRL + WINDOWS Logo Key + TAB – This puts you into the Flip 3D view allowing you to cycle between windows via the arrow keys and mouse scroll wheel.
    • WINDOWS Logo Key + TAB – This mimics the behavior of ALT + TAB. Continue holding the WINDOWS Logo Key to keep the view up and navigate accordingly.



This is a new one to me although has been around for a while.

To instantly switch between applications you can you could use ALT + ESC, foregoing all the pomp & frill of the ALT + TAB or WINDOWS Logo Key + TAB key combinations

Stay tuned for the next set of features!


Good Providence to you!