Exploring Windows 10: Command Prompt

For about 7 years I was hardcore into Linux/Unix, rebooting into Windows only for those few apps that wouldn’t run [properly] in Wine.  Although I liked KDE (and Gnome to some extent) and kept an instance of X running, I spent most of my time in virtual terminals (irc on tty2, perl and shell scripts on ttys 3 & 4 etc.).  I loved the console and primarily browsed via lynx.

That said, my command line passion continued into Windows so everything about the updated Windows 10 Command Prompt appeals to the inner *n?x lover in me!

Most of this you’ll just have to try out for yourself since an image doesn’t really convey the proper

Easy & Smart Re-sizing

  • Re-size the command prompt window without having to edit the properties!
  • When you re-size the window, the text within is also wrapped correctly!

Easy and Smart Copy/Paste

  • Copy (CTRL+C) and Paste (CTRL+V) work in the command prompt!
  • When pasting, it removes tabs and converts smart quotes to regular quotes

Easy & Smart Selection

  • You can use CTRL + A to select the entire line where the cursor is located.
  • When selecting text, it’s no longer one giant rectangular block but rather smartly selects the line itself including where it wraps.
  • You can also use SHIFT + Left/Right/Up/Down or CTRL + SHIFT + Left/Right/Up/Down to facilitate selection.

Whipped Cream and Cherry on Top

Lastly there are two more neat bits:

  • Eye-candy: You can enable transparency via the opacity slider allowing you to see through the command prompt. Handy if you’re trying to type out a command that you cannot copy/paste and you’re running low on screen real estate.
  • Keyboard Shortcuts Galore: There are actually lots of other keyboard shortcuts I fully encourage you to explore!

This screenshot sums up most of the features mentioned above.

Well I hoped this has helped you get excited about some of the many new features in Windows 10!

Good Providence to you!