Task Sequence Wizard

Configure Network Settings Error: Enter the DNS server IP address.


You’re imaging a machine on a network segment not serviced by a DHCP server.

On the first screen of the Task Sequence Wizard – the one that says ‘Welcome to the Task Sequence Wizard‘ – you click the ‘Configure Network Settings‘ button and enter the ‘Configure Static IP Network Settings‘ screen.

After entering everything in correctly and clicking ‘OK‘, you receive the following error:


Configure Network Settings Error: Enter the DNS server IP address.


  • The network configuration you entered is correct.
  • You reboot, try again, same error.
  • Maybe you try another machine and it works
  • Maybe you try another machine and it doesn’t work.

Potential Cause 1:

In my limited experience, this seems happens when you’re trying to set IP details on an adapter in a VMware VM that’s not connected.  We saw this on a few VMware VM’s that were recently stood up and had adapters but not connected to any networks.  Oops.

Potential Cause 2:

This is more of a delay/timing issue: While configuring a handful of VMware VM’s, I hit my stride with entering the IP information and found that when I entered the DNS IP address, tabbed down to the domain suffix and pressed [Enter] I’d get this error.  If I tried again another 1-2 seconds after getting the error it would accept.

Because I was running into this so often I spent a little time trying to test this and anecdotally it seems that when you make modifications to the domain suffix field, something happens behind the scenes that causes this delay.  I found that if I excluded the domain suffix field I didn’t have this problem at all.  I also learned that if I entered the domain suffix first then entered the DNS IP address I didn’t have this problem either.

It’s not clear what’s going on but I just need to ‘Trust But Verify’ the VM configuration and slow down when entering the details.  (^_^)

Good Providence to you!